About Dr. Sandy

Dr. Sandy Bevacqua is passionately committed to helping women of all ages achieve optimal health and vitality, as well as a thorough understanding of female pelvic and sexual health.

In her quest to find her way back to health after her own pelvic floor disaster following the birth of her son, Dr. Sandy was shocked to discover that most medical professionals lack even a fundamental understanding of how poor pelvic and sexual health can impact a woman’s entire life, keeping her from stepping fully into her power and creativity

Frustrated by the hurtful and degrading messages telling us to “just put up with the pain and the ‘inevitable’ effects of aging” or play the “surgery game”, Dr. Sandy chose to devote her professional life to ending suffering by helping women recover via natural means and to understand that they are not broken, just misinformed.

An insatiable researcher who is always looking for the next big discovery in her field, Dr. Sandy holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology with additional expertise in Genetic Engineering, Nutrition and Human Biology. In addition to women’s pelvic and sexual health, she specializes in hormone balancing, nutrition, and blood chemistry analysis.

Dr. Sandy is also a bestselling author and creator of two highly acclaimed online courses—The Pelvic Health Transformation Program and The Mystery Is Over! Understanding Female Sexual Healthwhich teach women of all ages how to recover NATURALLY from a variety of pelvic and sexual dysfunctions, as well as helping them to realize their full potential as human beings through the discovery of their sexual health.

In her private practice, located in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Sandy works closely with her clients to create individualized programs that address their unique situations, gently bringing body, mind and spirit back into balance.